Torch fat in 30 days flat

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Verve magazine features James Staring

Torch fat in 30 days flat

If you’re looking for a flatter tummy, or want to shift some weight from your middle, then personal trainer, James Staring of Fit to Last, has some tips that will help you torch your unwanted belly fat.

1. Keep carbs unprocessed and only eat them post-exercise

Avoid carbohydrates that are refines. i.e. white brea an pasta as these enter your blood stream much faster. They are also absorbed very quickly and cuse an insulin spike followed by a dip in energy.

Unprocessed carbs (i.e. whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits) increase the sensation of feeling full and release sugar into the blood stream at a slower rate. This stabilises blood sugar level, so you don’t get peaks and troughs, and your body composition will likewise remain stable.

According to Dr Berardi from Precision Nutrition, your body is more capable of processing carbohydrates after exercise – so this is the best time to eat them.

How this will help you

When you consume excess carbohydrates (and if your carbohydrate consumption isn’t paired with activity, these carbohydrates are stores for future use, often as body fat.

2. Make sure your exercise routine is a full body workout

The more muscle groups you use, the more calories you will burn both during and after exercise. By doing complex movements (i.e. chin-ups) as opposed to isolation movements (i.e. bicep curls) you are using more of your body at once, therefore requiring more energy.

You will burn more calories after exercise die to EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). When you start exercising your body goes from rest to increased metabolic activity, thereby requiring more oxygen. Your body’s delay in responding to this increased oxygen requirement causes ‘oxygen debt’.

When you finish an exercise session your body ‘pays back’ this oxygen debt through EPOC. Your body needs to consume more oxygen to replenish the energy and nutrients, causing more calories to be burned.

How this will help you

EPOC has the additional benefit of increasing energy expenditure as well as your metabolism, turning your body into a calorie-burning furnace, which will assist in losing those inches around the middle.

3. Don’t make excuses – efficiency leads to frequency

The most common excuse for not exercising is lack of time. But if you want to lose belly fat, you must exercise, full stop. According to a study from Canada’s Mc Master University, high intensity interval training (short bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods) enables you to achieve the same exercise benefits in less time than slogging countless hours on the treadmill. Therefore you can accomplish more by exercising less.

How this will help you

High Intensity Interval Training will create a positive knock on affect in terms of EPOC, leading to higher energy demands for recovery and more calories burned for longer.

4. Write down what you eat (and how you feel two hours afterwards)

Busy lifestyles often mean that eating has become a required reflex, not a considered decision. To get a sense of what you are consuming and how it is affecting you, try the following…

  • Try on an outfit that doesn’t fit. Take a selfie wearing this outfit
  • Start writing down everything you eat, and the time you eat it. Be diligent an keep this up for 30 days
  • When you finish each meal, set you phone alarm for two hours later, then ask yourself:
    • What is my energy like?
    • How full do I feel?
  • Record the results based on the following criteria:
    • I have a high energy level/I feel satisfied and not hungry
    • I have a moderate energy level/feel just a bit peckish
    • I have no energy/I could gnaw off my arm I’m so hungry
  • In 30 days take the selfie again.

How this will help you

Watching your energy level patterns is an effective way to monitor your blood sugar levels. Keep these levels consistent with carbohydrate timing, and in high intensity exercise, and the belly fat you want to be rid of will be a distant memory sooner than you think.
To learn more about healthy eating habits to achieve your fitness goals, contact James Staring, a leading personal trainer in Clapham, London.

About James Staring

James Staring is a certified fitness professional with experience training endurance runners, triathletes, low back pain sufferers, and weekend warriors of all ability levels.

James focuses on building the best version of you and inspiring you to new levels of fitness – regardless of your current ability or age. In particular James specialises in exercise after injury and helping those who are, perhaps, feeling a little less mobile than they used to.

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