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We revolutionise the way you work towards your fitness goals. Our success has been driven by your passion to transform your body, health and fitness.

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“I’d been trying to exercise at the gym on my own and I wasn’t getting any results. I wanted to try something more formulated.”

“I lost 2 stone and 14% body fat…

The results have been good. The ease of getting them has been surprising which has been the best part…I have more energy, my confidence has grown…My outlook on life has changed completely.”

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“I was unhappy with my weight. I was used to being slimmer and once I hit my forties I put on weight.”

“I’m fitting back into my nicer clothes…

With Fit to Last you get the camaraderie and the support from the group sessions and you also get the personal trainer touch as well. I like the support and it makes me feel accountable.”

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“I felt unhappy with myself. I was watching TV munching through packets of crisps.”

“I lost over a stone and 6cm from my waist…

I didn’t want to workout on my own, but I didn’t want to go into a huge gym or studio and train with 20 other people. This really suited what I was looking for and I couldn’t find it anywhere else.”

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“I felt sluggish and knew I needed to do something about it…”

“I’ve lost over 2 stone and feel so much lighter…My friends can see the difference.

I feel more motivated in the morning, I wake up ready for life. I feel encouraged when my friends say they can see the difference in me. I feel really positive about the journey.”

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“Before joining I was putting a lot of effort in and not getting the results by myself.”

“I feel healthier, I feel stronger, I feel more confident in myself…

I feel more confident in myself, my energy levels have gone through the roof and I’m dropping down sizes as I go through the programme. I feel informed, empowered and more in control.”

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“I had suffered from knee and back pain for 8 years, but didn’t know how to improve it without causing more damage.”

“In the first month I started seeing results…

In the first month I saw results. My arms were defined and my friends noticed. Also I was walking home and noticed I hadn’t felt any pain for the first time in 8 years.”

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“As I’m getting older, I was finding it harder to lose weight. Traditional things that I’d used in the past such as calorie counting and exercises were not so good and I had problems with my back.”

“I feel 10 years younger. It’s incredible how good I feel…

But doing Fit to Last, I’ve been amazed at how much doing the strength exercise that we’ve done helps. I feel 10 years younger. It’s incredible how good I feel.

My mobility has really improved, my core strength has really got much better. I’m finding when I climb upstairs I’m not our of breath any more. My body shape has changed. I’m catching sight of myself and seeing that in such a short space of time, my body shape has changed.”

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“I’m very aware that I’m going to be 70 very soon. I’m concerned about getting older and being fit and being able to do all the things that I’m used to doing.”

“I’ve tried joining the gym (and giving up after a few months), Rosemary Connolly, another personal trainer, Weight Watchers. But somehow or other Fit to Last has hit the right point for me…

I’m being pushed much further than I thought I could possibly go. I think I’ve become much more motivated about taking it very seriously about getting fit. I’ve lost weight. My friends are saying “you’re looking trim, you’re looking good”. All kinds of things like going up and down stairs is much better.”

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“I didn’t know how to use the knowledge I had. I would lose weight and then put it back on again.”

“I lost 6.5% body fat and 8cm from my waist… I’m so much stronger. The level of fitness – I’m really happy with.

Now I know what to do about what to eat, when to eat. If I don’t know, I have your help.

When you go to the first assessment, there’s quite a significant change and because of that, you realise that it really works. I didn’t give up anything in my life. That’s what I wanted. I didn’t want any diets. I just wanted a healthier lifestyle.”

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“For months, I tried diets, healthy eating and training on my own. I was finding it really hard and the results weren’t showing.”

“I saw change within the first 3 weeks which kept me motivated…

I lost 19 pounds and 10% body fat. I feel a lot stronger and am fitting into clothes that I haven’t fitted in for about a year. I’ve got my confidence back.”

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“I was feeling lethargic and just not very happy with myself. I’ve got a really busy job as well as home life and children. I wasn’t finding time to exercise.

“I’m feeling much healthier, much more energetic…I’m able to cope with stress better. Physically, I’ve lost weight. My clothes are looser and fit better…

I wanted to do something sustainable and that kept my enthusiasm for a long period of time. I’ve seen really good results so I’m really pleased.”

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“My weight and my body shape were really affecting my confidence.”

“I’ve lost at least two dress sizes and in terms of confidence, it’s really helped me.

I’ve lost at least two clothes sizes and in terms of confidence, it’s really helped me at a big pivotal stage in my career and I’ve decided to start my own business. So I feel like it’s delivered in spades on that front.”

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“I thought the whole process would be really complicated.”

“My waist was getting smaller, my body fat was going down…just knowing that I was improving all round was really motivating

I thought the whole process would be really complicated. That you’d have to rigorously track your macros and your calories to be able to see results. But when I started, I realised it was much more simple than that.”

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“I’d had a knee operation. My energy levels were quite low. It was about getting into exercise and fitness again.”

“I think that being able to do the Tough Mudder and not finding it difficult, dare I say, was really the point where I felt I’m back to where I want to be.”

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“I wanted to lose weight that was my goal. I was training quite hard but was still struggling to lose weight.”

“Thanks to the nutrition programme, I’ve lost 10 kilos…

I’m fitting into clothes I couldn’t fit into before. I’ve noticed the change. Not only me, my girlfriend, my friends, my family.”

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“I felt slow. I lacked energy. I was definitely losing strength as well. I had that definite sense that age was creeping up on me.”

“I feel better now than I have in many years…

I’ve had to go out and buy new trousers. I haven’t had trousers in my new size for years. People have noticed. That’s very gratifying.”

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“Confidence had always been a problem for me. I didn’t really have any direction about what I needed to be doing in the gym and I suppose I was stuck in my comfort zone without making progress.”

“It wasn’t just about when I was in the gym.  I was lacking confidence even just wearing a suit to go to appointments with clients.

Quite soon into things, I was actually starting to develop some muscle for the first time…Even in the first month, it was great to see how the body fat was changing…I was actually getting compliments about the difference from friends and family so that was good for self-confidence.”

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“This is a brilliant way for people who exert a lot of energy in their training but are not seeing the benefits.”

It fits in with what I’m doing…

It really is that balance of the training and the food which makes the real difference. I’ve seen a beautiful decline in my body fat…I’m training better, feeling better.”

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