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Personal Trainer Jobs in Clapham

Are You Looking For A Personal Trainer Job in Clapham?

Become a better Personal Trainer

Do you prefer to spend your time attempting to hit sales targets? Or do you prefer coaching and helping people change their lives for the better?

When you set out to work as a Personal Trainer, were you disappointed to find gyms you wanted to work with expected you to become a sales representative? And without being a great sales rep, you couldn’t get to coach?


Here at Fit to Last, we’re not looking for sales reps or tenants to pay rent. We’re looking for qualified Personal Trainers, ready to master their craft and help our members succeed. We believe you shouldn’t have to be a great salesperson to become a great coach.

We do all the sales and marketing for you. This way – you can focus on doing and studying what you love the most. Coaching.

Focus on what matters to you most as a Personal Trainer

Being a Personal Trainer here at Fit to Last means spending your time coaching members. Helping them to achieve their fitness goals.

During times you’re not coaching members, we expect you to be studying and learning how to become an even better coach. Not hanging out on a gym floor looking for prospects.


This role is not suitable for Personal Trainers looking to build their own private client base and work independently. The ideal candidate will prefer to be part of a team, building on their coaching hours, responsibilities and career as the company grows.


This role is for Personal Trainers who are not interested in spending time on sales and marketing to build a client base.

Ideal candidates will be ready to make the same commitment our members make to us – attending our studio, ready to work, with a great attitude, week in week out. Ideal candidates want to be part of a growing business. They will be looking for a company to build their client base for them so they can focus on coaching and helping to change lives for the better.

Are you eager to put what you’ve learned into practice? Would you prefer to focus on what matters to you the most? Helping people achieve the results they dream of? Or are you going to work in a regular gym, stressing about sales targets or paying gym rent, whilst failing to develop as a coach?

Apply today

Apply for this role and make a living doing what you love…Helping clients achieve the results they dream of.

We’re looking for fitness professionals with a Level 3 Personal Training qualification or equivalent and a valid First Aid At Work certificate.

If this sounds like the right type of career opportunity for you, submit your application below. You’ll need to complete the form and attach your CV.

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