Four ways to banish belly fat

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Mail Online features James Staring

Revealed, the four ways to banish belly fat, from eating bread AFTER exercising to taking unflattering selfies

  • Personal trainer James Staring advises how to achieve a flat stomach
  • Says eating carbohydrates after exercise will stop them being stored as fat
  • Exercises that use more muscle groups will help speed up the metabolism
  • Writing down how a you feel after food stops you eating mindlessly

By Madlen Davies for mailonline
Published: 16:57, 27 April 2015 | Updated: 18:12, 27 April 2015

James Staring, a London-based personal trainer, says there are four simple ways to banish belly fat Many of us dream of a flat stomach and washboard abs.

But despite dieting and exercising, fat around the middle can be especially hard to shift.

Now, personal trainer James Staring, from Fit to Last, a London-based fitness company, claims he has four simple tips which can help anyone achieve an enviable stomach area.

From writing a food diary to doing short burst of tough exercise, he reveals the best ways to burn away belly fat…

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To learn more about healthy eating habits to achieve your fitness goals, contact James Staring, a leading personal trainer in Clapham, London.

About the author

James Staring is a certified fitness professional with experience training endurance runners, triathletes, low back pain sufferers, and weekend warriors of all ability levels.

James focuses on building the best version of you and inspiring you to new levels of fitness – regardless of your current ability or age. In particular James specialises in exercise after injury and helping those who are, perhaps, feeling a little less mobile than they used to.

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